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‘What the hell was going on there?’: Flanagan slams Roosters for axing him ‘out of nowhere’
Bulldogs recruit Kyle Flanagan has blasted the Roosters’ decision to axe him after just one season at the Bondi club and questioned Trent Robinson in the process. “It definitely [affected] my confidence during the year when I thought I was playing really well and I was the [competition’s] top points scorer, then I didn’t play two games out of nowhere,” Flanagan told The Sun-Herald. “I look back now going, ‘What the hell was going on there?’“I was pretty proud with how I responded to that and finished off the season. The Roosters also have back-up Drew Hutchison on their books, while Flanagan will compete with Lachlan Lewis, Brandon Wakeham and Jake Averillo for a halves spot at the Bulldogs. Panthers prodigy Matt Burton will join the Bulldogs in 2022 and could form an excellent long-term partnership with Flanagan at Belmore.
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