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Victoria’s short, sharp ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown to end at midnight
Victoria looks set to end its snap five-day lockdown as planned at 11:59pm on Wednesday after recording no new COVID-19 cases from almost 40,000 tests....Victorians will emerge from a short, sharp “circuit-breaker” lockdown at midnight tonight after five days, the Premier has confirmed. “This will be a five-day, short, sharp circuit breaker,” he said. “Restrictions will come off at midnight tonight.”He said the lockdown was “exactly what we said we needed, exactly what we said would work”. The end of lockdown was announced after Victoria’s Cabinet met on Tuesday night and again on Wednesday morning to finalise data on infection rates. Deakin University Chair in Epidemiology, Professor Catherine Bennett said coming out of a “circuit breaker” lockdown would be different to when Victoria came out of lockdown following the second wave.
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