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I’m a Celeb 2021: Alli Simpson reacts to claim Adam and Symon were ‘iced out’
I’m a Celeb’s most recent evictee, Alli Simpson, has responded to allegations that two stars were “iced out” by the other camp mates. “Essentially they iced them out and the boys didn’t get a chance to bond with anyone,” the source told Pustetto. Adam and Symon were well aware some of the celebs weren’t happy to see them, saying to the camera later on: “They were a bit flat! We came during the middle of lunchtime so everyone was like, ‘We’re eating, sorry, can you come back in an hour?’”ALLI SIMPSON REACTS TO ‘ICED OUT’ CLAIMSpeaking to this morning, Alli Simpson denied that Adam and Symon were “iced out” by the other celebs. “Adam and Symon just bought this whole new vibe and energy and they’re just such amazing guys,” Alli told
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