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FIFA eWorld Cup 2021: Oceania qualifiers Negede Abenezer Hunegnaw, Marcus Gomes to represent Australia
The FIFA eWorld Cup is an ongoing partnership between soccer’s governing body FIFA and video game publishers EA Sports, who make the FIFA video games that have been a console staple for decades. Players compete online in different regions to qualify for the grand final, where they have the chance to walk away with a slice of the $US1 million ($A1.29 million) prize pool. That prize is part of a larger $US4.5 million ($A5.8 million) total prize pool for the lead-up tournaments and the eWorld Cup. MARCUS GOMESMr Gomes qualified in the second round over the Valentine’s Day weekend in February, his fifth attempt. We’ll find out then who will be joining Mr Hunegnaw and Mr Gomes in representing Australia.
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